With Google’s new algorithm release on April 21, they’ll expand the role that mobile friendliness plays as a ranking factor.

Why is Google making this change? We all know that people are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the internet. Last year use of the internet underwent a paradigm shift: the number of mobile users surpassed desktop users. This is a colossal change and Google needed to update their formula to address the shifting landscape of search.

What will the new algorithm focus on? Google wants to make sure that people have a good mobile experience. To achieve this goal they changed their search algorithm to give weight to mobile...


The team at webShine is wishing all a happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you for a great 2014.


The Standard for Robot Exclusion, which you may know as a robots.txt file, just turned 20 years old. To mark its two decades in existence, we thought it would be illuminating to take a closer look at the robots.txt files, and how they are used in today's world.

Standard for Robot Exclusion

A blog post written by Brian Ussery on the topic is very educational, and illustrates...


As Google has trained an ever more watchful eye on links in guest blog posts, it is clear that this is the era of cautious guest blogging, for some at least. While some blog authors have opted to continue, or to begin, an honest outbound linking strategy in guest blog posts in an effort to avoid a knock in the search engine results pages (SERPs), other blog authors...


This week, Google announced that they had taken Universal Analytics out of beta in Google Analytics. In Google's words, Universal Analytics is an upgraded platform able to aggregate data from devices beyond smartphones and desktop computers.

session timeout in Google Analytics

And now that Google has pushed it through the beta phase, Universal Analytics is a complete package, with all the...


Most businesses are able to secure the top organic position for the brand, so why would you even think about paying for a click that might otherwise be free?

Here are 10 reasons why we think bidding on your brand is smart search marketing.

1. The clicks are generally cheap. In paid search the more relevancy between the search query, the ad and the site, the higher the quality score and the lower the cost. It doesn’t get more relevant than bidding on your our name.
2. SERP Real Estate. The more space you can dominate the better. Less room for competitors, less chances for distraction. It’s your space – own it!
3. Craft a message about your brand that...


A website is an online version of a brand's personality, one where the website's primary attributes, such as its colors, photos, text, and layout, send visitors an immediate message, hopefully one in alignment with the brand's overall goals, and perhaps clues them in to the nature of what an in-person interaction would be like with the business.

measuring brand personality

In having this online brand personality, into which a business invests vital resources, it then becomes important to analyze and understand the impact of that...


Moz's Whiteboard Friday from January 24, 2014 was about influencer marketing, a strategy in which audience engagement occurs in an indirect manner.influencer marketing( On a side note, the Moz Whiteboard Friday video blog series is informative, educational, and a fun way to wrap up the work week.) Now, back on topic, influencer marketing is a tactic that, at its heart, involves a middle man – the influencer.

As mentioned in Rand Fishkin's Moz video, many internet marketers might be...


The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) held a webinar on December 18 about content strategy called “Roundtable: 5 Tips for Maximizing the ROI of Your Content Marketing Strategy”. The roundtable panelists were Joe Pulizzi of CMI, Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, and Steve Rotter of Brightcove.



Earlier in September, I made my way from Colorado to California for SES San Francisco. Since returning to Aspen, I have been reviewing my notes from the conference sessions, digesting the information, and searching for unique and exemplary advice. In this second installment covering the SES conference, I highlight three different sessions, with a focus on social media, website engagement, blog post writing, and content marketing.



Last week, webShine attended SES San Francisco from September 10 – 13. As a member of the webShine content marketing team, I made certain to be in attendance at the content marketing sessions to hear all about what other online marketers are up to these days.

Lori & Jen at SES San Francisco

Lori & Jen at SES San Francisco

On day one of the conference,...


As a couple of members of the webShine crew will be at SES San Francisco in September, we have been searching the web for deals on flights from Aspen to San Francisco. Though, during our search, we paid more attention to the updates to the search engine results pages (SERPs) that Google has been rolling out throughout the summer than flights, hotels, and restaurants.

Case in point. Check out the Google SERP that came up after searching for “flights from aspen to san francisco”.

San Francisco flights...


Last week I attended MozCon in Seattle, an in-bound marketing conference with a focus on SEO. My primary goal was to ensure that our search engine optimization campaigns are operating at the forefront of the industry and that we are doing everything we can to drive quality traffic and sales for our customers. Secondly, I was curious as to the evolution of SEO and inbound marketing.

Industry thought leaders are moving away from specialization and towards the broader and more nebulous term, inbound marketing. Take for example the host of the event, formerly...


Call to action buttons are an important website element, as they transform website visitors from mere viewers into active consumers and participants. At their heart, they inspire action. To create an effective call to action button, it is absolutely necessary to understand this concept of moving the site visitor to action.

The problem to solve when creating a call to action button is one of effective communication within the constraints of what is most often a small website element. With these 3 tips, designing effective call to action buttons can easily be accomplished.

How and why do businesses use call to action buttons?

When simple hyper...


Earlier this June, I joined in on the Content Marketing Institute webinar about online video marketing called Game-Planning Your Online Video Strategy. As someone who works in content marketing, I want to keep current on the latest developments in the video marketing world.Buyer's Journey

Overall, I took away a number of important tips and ideas about video marketing and strategy development. For content marketers...

Google Authorship

With the advent of Google authorship, a Google search engine results page (SERP) has never looked better. As most search engine users know, search engine results pages are text dominant. With Google authorship, content writers can claim credit in SERPs through the inclusion of their image and a credit byline. This simple addition mimics what content consumers are so accustomed to seeing in newspapers and magazine, and creates no small amount of interest in SERPs.

As the author of blog posts for the webShine blog, I became interested in how employing Google authorship could potentially impact the reach and visibility of my web articles. In my own search...

flat design

A huge component of the content marketing puzzle is determining how the content is ultimately packaged and presented to the target audience. According to a recent New York Times article written by Nick Bilton, one current graphic design trend involves flat design. The flat design movement is quite possibly most obvious in Microsoft's unveiling of the Windows 8 interface, which features a layout of vibrantly colored rectangles.

Another prime example of flat design is the ...


Effective paid search marketing starts with understanding why someone is searching. As search marketers our goal is to not only drive traffic to a site, but to drive relevant traffic that generates conversions. Let’s take a look at why people search and how that comes into play when planning your search marketing strategy.

In general, there are three main types of search queries.

• Navigational query: A searcher knows the site they are looking for and usually has a designated task in mind. For example, you need to check your bank balance online with Wells Fargo but you are uncertain of the exact URL for Wells Fargo. You would search for “wells fargo” or “”...


Reports – webShine launched new monthly reports for our search engine marketing customers. The reports provide a one-page executive overview along with supporting data on a custom basis for each customer. Download a sample report and let us know what you think.

Infograph & Case Study – webShine's infographic on 2012 customer results is now available. Also, we recently released a...


Learn more about webShine including services, industries served and a summary of search engine marketing results for our customers in 2012 via our annual infographic. Download the infographic as a PDF or view it below.

webShine Infographic


Client Testimonials

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