Bidding on Your Brand

10 Reasons You Should Be Bidding on Your Brand

Most businesses are able to secure the top organic position for the brand, so why would you even think about paying for a click that might otherwise be free?

Here are 10 reasons why we think bidding on your brand is smart search marketing.

1. The clicks are generally cheap. In paid search the more relevancy between the search query, the ad and the site, the higher the quality score and the lower the cost. It doesn’t get more relevant than bidding on your our name.
2. SERP Real Estate. The more space you can dominate the better. Less room for competitors, less chances for distraction. It’s your space – own it!
3. Craft a message about your brand that complements your organic listing. The page title on your homepage is an important piece of data for the search engines and needs to be carefully selected and written. A paid ad for your brand gives you more flexibility and a chance to say a little more.
4. Promote specials. Create specific campaigns with start and end dates related to specials and promotions.
5. Include the sitelinks you think are important. Expand the real estate for your brand and point out the most significant pages on your site – from your perspective. Use location and phone sitelinks so customers know how to find you.
6. Competitors are (or might) be bidding on your brand. Once competitors start bidding on your brand you don’t have a choice. Be there and be on top.
7. Landing page selection. Create a landing page tailored to information you want to promote. An upcoming sale? A trade event you are attending? Relevant news in the headlines?
8. Increase your credibility. Seeing a URL listed twice helps a searcher know that they found the site they were looking for. It is also a good way to show potential customers that you take your brand seriously.
9. Increase account quality score. Those 10/10 quality scores are not only great for low cost clicks, but they help boost your overall account quality score.
10. Search query data. As the amount of organic keyword data in Google Analytics continues to decrease, AdWords search query reports become more valuable. Use the search query data from a branded campaign to better understand how your customers are looking for you. What search terms are your customers using to find you? How do they see your brand?

Of course every brand is different, however most businesses will find some advantages to bidding on their brand. If you haven’t created a branded campaign yet, dedicate a small budget and give it a try!


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