Writing Tips

Get Inspired for Writing a Blog Post: 6 Ideas

Did you know that Google gives your website more authority when you post fresh, engaging content? More authority in Google’s eyes means a higher ranking in search results. One way to get new content on your site is to publish blog posts on a regular basis.

Whether you’re a veteran blogger or just starting out, here are 6 ideas to inspire your writing process.

1. Changes in your Business: Have you recently hired a new staff member or moved locations? These ideas are great topics to share with your readers while keeping your content current.

2. Changes in your Industry: Has there been a new invention, discovery or product in your industry? A new app that alerts skiers how many vertical feet they’ve skied is a prime blog topic.

3. News Features: Newspaper, magazine or online articles about your company translate into an easy blog post. Simply summarize the article, insert a photo and a link and you’re done!

4. FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions: Is there some aspect of your business that customers ask about over and over again? This is a perfect idea for a blog post. Customers can help themselves to your published knowledge on the subject.

5. Media Mentions: Were you just rated as one of the top coffee roasters in Denver? Or did your gallery exhibit opening garner a reference in a socialite’s column? Media mentions practically write their own blog. See #3 above.

6. Tips: Are there a few handy-dandy tips that your customers would love to hear about? Tricks that you use every day or save lots of time are particularly useful. If you’re passionate about your business and helping clients, it’s not too difficult to develop a short list of tips.

If you’d like more ideas to get inspired to write blog posts, or would like help in starting a blog, please give us a call at 970-315-2157 or shoot us an email.