Introducing Expanded Text Ads

Last month Google released a new ad format—expanded text ads. And, it’s kinda a big deal. Why? Expanded text ads include over 50% more characters than their old, standard ad format. Take a look at the before and after.


AdWords text ad

In the standard ad format the headline was limited to 25 characters and the ad text was limited to 70 characters with 35 characters in one line and 35 characters in the second line. If your ad text didn’t divide perfectly between lines, well, sorry Charlie.


Introducing expanded text ads…
AdWords expanded text ad

The new and improved ad format allows for 30 characters in the headline, plus a second headline with another 30 characters and a full 80 characters for a description, with no line division. In addition, the display URL is designed to hold another 30 characters via two new “path fields” to help users understand where the ad will take them.

The logic? Mobile. Google is definitely pushing “mobile-first”, and this update is geared toward providing catching headlines on mobile devices. From Google:

Our research shows longer ad headlines are more useful to mobile users because they provide additional information about your business before they click your ad.

No longer do we need to duplicate ads for mobile devices; the new format is mobile-optimized, and ads are automatically formatted for mobile devices.

Here at webShine we have been working hard to implement ads in the new format for all our clients, and look forward to seeing the data (aka: improved click-through-rates!) in the coming weeks.