A Strategic Approach To Small Business SEO

Here at webShine we often work with small, local clients to execute SEO strategies. Often we hear the question, “how can we compete with [large company] on the search engine results page?” It’s a legitimate question and the task of competing with large, big-budget SEO operations is a tough one. Fortunately, what big companies gain through resources and sheer size they lose in nimbleness, creativity and authenticity.

As an example, let’s look at the advantages of a large travel company such as Expedia or Travelocity. These larger sites have a strong “domain authority” which means Google knows and trust them, they have lots of links into and out of there sites and they have a lot of resources!

In comparison, here are a few advantages of smaller companies. Smaller sites can be nimble in their keyword focus, changing keywords as needed. While Expedia can’t give specific focus or favoritism to a location, such as Aspen, a smaller more focused company can. Lastly, small companies can be authentic. Although Travelocity might have content about Aspen attractions a smaller travel company, based in the area, can provide unique and completely authentic content about Aspen. An advantage that can make all the difference.

Now that we understand the competitive advantages, we can start to identify the actions smaller companies can take to compete on the search engine results page.


  • Compete for Long Tail Keywords
    • Long tail keywords can be a great way to compete in specific niche’s because large companies like Expedia aren’t going to be trying to show up for “best Aspen snowmobile guiding service” whereas a smaller business can try to show up for this search by providing specific, useful content.
  • Create Unique & Specific Content
    • Smaller more focused companies can create more focused content. This allows them to show a high level of expertise and provide a high quality of service to customers and potential customers. This all leads to more productive content and a better showing on the search engine results page.
  • Build Relationships
    • Expedia and Travelocity aren’t making friends with the local restaurants or lodging providers. Creating relationships like this allow small businesses to offer information and content that will set them apart when it comes to specific search queries.